Corral Cards: Essential Horse Knots


A portable, waterproof alternative to paper horse books or phone apps that covers the essential horse riding, horse packing, and horse camping knots.

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Corral Cards: Essential Horse Knots is a portable, waterproof guide to 19 equine knots. Unlike paper books or smartphone apps, these handy knot cards are printed on ultra-durable plastic so you don’t need to worry about getting them banged up, dirty, or muddy, and they’re small enough to slip into your pocket. Includes a mini carabiner to clip to your pack.

Approximately credit card-sized, this portable knot book contains 19 easy-to-follow diagrams demonstrating how to tie the most essential knots for horse riders. It covers more than you’d expect from such a small knot guide, ranging from riding basics such as how to tie a lead to a rope halter, to more advanced, such as horse camping knots, a highline, and an improvised rope halter. Corral Cards make a unique and inexpensive gift for the horse lover in your life.

All of the following knots and diagrams are included: Square Knot, Overhand, Double Overhand, Bowline, Figure 8 Loop, Honda Knot (Lariat), Halter Hitch, Cow Hitch, Half Hitch, Two Half Hitches, Clove Hitch (Mid-Rope), Clove Hitch (With End), Butterfly Loop (AKA Picket Line Loop), Dutchman’s Hitch, Highwayman’s Hitch, Tying a Lead to a Rope Halter Using a Sheet Bend, Securing a Rope Halter Using a Sheet Bend, Improvised Halter, & a Highline Setup Diagram.